Equity Income Plan

For Home Owners Only

Conventional Mortgages are under 80% loan to value. Banks will not allow you to touch or borrow against this 20% of value in your home. It just sits there not making you any money. You now have the ability to “rent it out” or “consign” it over to Airl Financial with our Equity Income Plan to create a second income. With this program it is possible to pay off a 25-year mortgage in 10 years or less.

The equity on your home (even the portion the bank won’t let you use or touch) can be consigned into this program and earn you 1% paid monthly. No money actually changes hands. No liens are placed on your property. You cannot borrow against, or spend the consigned amount elsewhere during the time you’re in Equity Income Plan, which is a 12-month period; you may cancel at any time.

For example: $100,000 in equity earns you $1000 per month or $12,000 per year. It’s a great program to supplement your current employment income. The income produced from this program is 100% taxable.

If you don’t have a mortgage you can consign over 100% of your property’s assessed mpac value to the program, or you will have the option to pay for a third party appraisal to bring up your home to a more fair market value. For example, if your home is assessed at $500,000, you can consign $500,000 to our program and get paid $5000 per month. You are in control of what you spend your newfound income on. We suggest using this new cash flow to pay down any debts you currently have.

Another great example: If you have a $400,000 mortgage and $200,000 in equity, consign the $200,000 to our program and you’ll earn $2000 per month. Typically that will pay for your monthly mortgage payment! Now you can go to work to support your lifestyle instead of to pay your mortgage. Let your house pay for itself!


What are the advantages to using this program? Putting your home’s equity to work will increase your cash flow, help eliminate your debt, and help you get mortgage free sooner. You can begin to build your wealth and prepare to arrive at retirement years sooner!


Why won’t the bank offer me this program? The bank’s main activity is to sell loans. The bank will not offer you a plan to get out of debt, just another loan! Using our Equity Income Plan, you can get out of debt sooner, and start building your wealth today.


Will using this program affect my credit in a negative way? No! It will actually improve your credit rating the longer you use it.

To qualify for this program you must provide proof of income, and be up to date with your taxes. We’ll need to see your MPAC statement. Costs to enroll in the program are: a one time start up fee of $250, a monthly $60 fee and a yearly renewal fee of $100. You will receive your first payment within 60 days of registration. This income is 100% taxable.